End-of-life announcement 

As we continue to innovate new products and solutions, it is only natural that some older products come to the end of their lifespan. This is now the case with iLOQ S10 and iLOQ Privus.

iLOQ S10 was our first digital locking solution introduced in 2007 and, over the years, its technology has been significantly developed and enhanced. The next generation of the product is iLOQ S5 which, together with our mobile access sharing solution iLOQ S50, forms part of iLOQ 5 Series. Read more about the benefits of iLOQ 5 Series here.

What this means in practice 

New licenses can still be opened until the end of December 2022. From the beginning of 2023 no new iLOQ S10 licenses can be opened.

Existing iLOQ S10 solutions can still be extended, and products will be available according to the following schedule:

ProductsPossible to order larger extensionsEnd of availability for replacement and spare parts and iLOQ Manager software
iLOQ S10 products and iLOQ Manager software1.10.20251.10.2037
iLOQ Privus products1.10.2032

Although this announcement marks the end of an era, with its new features and functionality, iLOQ 5 Series will continue to make life accessible by maximizing security while minimizing administration, lifecycle costs and environmental impact. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local sales representative or fill in the contact form.