Battery-free and keyless smart locking at ISC West 2024

See it live on iLOQ’s booth #23075 from 10–12 April, at the Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

Your smartphone as a key

With iLOQ’s battery-free and keyless solutions, an NFC-enabled phone acts as both a key and a power source. iLOQ eliminates security risks related to mechanical keys and costs related to battery-powered locking systems.

More than 10,000,000 locks and keys in use globally is a testament to iLOQ’s 20 years of innovation providing building owners, property managers and key users with unbeatable benefits.

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  • Proof of concept for your property: Don’t just take our word for it, get a demo of our smart locking system yourself.
  • OPEX/TCO calculation: We’ll run the numbers for you and show you how much you could save in daily operations compared to other locking systems.
  • A meeting at ISC West 2024: Book a short meeting with us directly on our booth at ISC West in Las Vegas where you will get to see iLOQ in action.

iLOQ smart-locking portfolio

A scalable, modular suite of locks, keys and management software for every access point.
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Unbeatable benefits for modern property owners, managers and key users

No batteries, wires or WiFi

iLOQ locks need no batteries, electrical wiring or internet connection, resulting in lowered operational costs and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Completely keyless access

Using only a smartphone as a key (and a power source), iLOQ eliminates problems with key administration such as lost/copied keys and replacing cylinders. 

Effortless retrofit

Our standard format cylinders fit right into existing door hardware. No need for drilling. All installation points retain their fire and security standards.

Cloud-based management

All property access administration is done online, remotely and in real time on iLOQ’s user-friendly, cloud-based platform. 


Developer tools allow full integratability to other systems/apps (such as property management software) and developers to create their own solutions.

Elevated user experience

Your focus – and ours – is to provide the key holder with a safe, effortless and modern everyday life.

Residential and multifamily properties

Residents use their own smartphone as a key – no more lost keys, replacing cylinders or maintenance related to changing batteries on electronic locks.

Access rights can be quickly and easily programmed online as residents move in and out.

Meanwhile iLOQ integrations allow the property to incorporate other services (such as property management software) into the platform, simplifying otherwise complex system architecture.

Property managers and owners get to enjoy not only minimal maintenance and streamlined daily operations, but also a suite of cloud-based, user-friendly software for access administration and property security.

Public spaces and commercial properties

Schools, hospitals, libraries, shopping centers, offices, recreational facilities – for properties with a high frequency of public or employee access, security and efficiency are vital.

Property managers can focus on just that with the iLOQ platform by removing all mechanical keys from circulation and integrating existing solutions (such as RFID cards) into it.

Real-time, over-the-air mobile credentials and audit trails ensure that the right people have access to the right places at the right time.

Utilities and critical infrastructure

A functioning utilities industry and reliable operation of critical infrastructure relies on managing numerous remote premises, a vast number of locks and keys and a huge team of employees (most often subcontractors).

With traditional mechanical locking systems, the unknown number of keys in circulation and the logistics of getting and returning keys is a time-consuming, administrative nightmare.

With iLOQ, access credentials are remotely programmed as a mobile key directly on the smartphone that the employees are already carrying with them. Reliable operation even in the harshest of environments.

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