A focus on R&D is key to iLOQ’s success


As our recent 15th anniversary confirms, iLOQ’s digital locking solution was conceived by the founder, Mika Pukari, as far back as 2003. Since then, we have been leading the way with challengers firmly on the back foot. However, the race is intensifying as traditional players move into digital locking and new competitors enter the market.

This shouldn’t be seen as a negative event. On the contrary, the emergence of competition should be regarded as a healthy and stimulating factor, to motivate us to continue to develop innovative solutions to ensure we stay ahead of the game.

With a team of experts led by Seppo Lohiniva (Chief Technology Officer, Software and Electronics R&D) and Jyrki Kananen (Chief Technology Officer, Mechanics R&D), iLOQ’s R&D capabilities are based in the world’s northernmost tech hub – Oulu in Finland.

Due to its location, 200 km south of the artic circle, Oulu is affectionately known as the North Pole of innovation and technology, strong in entrepreneurship and high-tech start-ups. And it was here, in 2005 that the encryption mechanisms for iLOQ’s first prototypes were developed.

In the digital world that we now live in, it’s vital to embrace all the new technologies coming to the fore. In our recent blog “How has NFC revolutionized the locking industry?”, we discussed how near-field communication (NFC) is enabling technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for an internet connection. The most common and recognized uses of NFC are for contactless payments. But iLOQ has taken this technology and used it to develop iLOQ S50 – a powerful, over-the-air access-sharing solution that is saving resources and reducing costs for the utilities industry.

R&D is a key element in iLOQ’s organization. Every year, we invest 6% of our turnover into R&D (more than many of our main peers) to ensure we stay ahead of the game. iLOQ was founded by a true entrepreneur, and that level of enterprise, innovation and creativity remains with the company today.

Unlike large companies, where product developers are only involved at a certain stage of planning, iLOQ’s R&D team is involved across the board in the development of new concepts and products. With a flat organization, they are encouraged to have an active role in decision making. Our inspirational and open atmosphere with shared responsibility gives everyone the sense that they are part of building our success story.

If you are interested in an influential career in R&D with iLOQ, check our website for the latest vacancies, or send us an open application. In the meantime, we will continue on our path of strong product development to ensure our technological leadership in digital and mobile access management, and to maintain our focus on providing added value for our customers.