Digitalization is driving urbanization


In today’s business world, it’s a well-recognized fact that a digital transformation journey needs to be adopted in order to stay competitive and relevant. It’s taken a while, but the construction industry is now fully on board with the opportunities that digitalization can bring. And, according to research carried out by Virgin Media Business with Oxford Economics in March 2016, the construction industry ranks as the third industry most likely to benefit from digital transformation.

Rapid urbanization and the growing demand for infrastructure is driving construction spending. Unfortunately, the escalation in urbanization also brings with it increased security risks. In over-populated areas where land is often scarce or expensive, the tendency is to build ‘upwards’ by creating more high-rise buildings. With more people being accommodated in less space, that means more locks and key users. Owners of new buildings, whether we are talking about, for example, schools and hospitals or residential properties and offices, need to think seriously about what kind of security measures can be implemented.

And it’s not just new buildings that benefit from enhanced security. Owners of existing buildings also need to take a good, hard look at current processes, and find out how digitalization can help them take their security systems to the next level.

Closing the door on traditional locks

For almost as long as there have been doors, there has been a need for keys. Traditional keys and locking systems have had to undergo many transformations to outsmart the less honest members of our societies.

For the last 15 years, iLOQ has been working towards transforming mechanical locking into highly functional and immensely secure digital access management. Our self-powered digital locking and mobile access management solutions are revolutionizing the locking industry. They solve issues caused by lost keys, unauthorized copying of keys, expiration of patents and the misuse of common areas.

With the all-digital iLOQ S10, management of access rights is easier and more secure than with mechanical systems. The entire ‘eco-system’ of a property is administered easily and cost-efficiently using cloud-based iLOQ S10 Manager software.

Used in combination with the iLOQ programming device and a Microsoft-Windows-based PC, iLOQ Manager is a user-friendly tool that enables advanced, 24/7 multisite programming, administration and management of iLOQ locks, keys and access rights. Features, such as the graphical user interface which shows lock locations on floor plans and powerful data encryption methods, provide administrators with real-time data on the entire system, and make lock management faster and more convenient.

The iLOQ S10 also lowers maintenance and lifecycle expenses significantly (compared to mechanical or battery-operated electromechanical locking systems). It harvests the energy it needs for unlocking simply by the action of inserting the key. Read more about iLOQ S10 here.

The iLOQ S50 – with keyless, NFC-enabled mobile access technology harvests the energy it needs for unlocking from a smartphone. Currently revolutionizing the utilities industry, the iLOQ S50 uses straightforward and secure cloud-based access sharing for consolidating multiple (and remote) location management, saving businesses time and resources. And, as keys, batteries and excess wiring are taken out of the equation, significant product lifecycle savings are ensured. Read more about iLOQ S50 here.

We are continually developing and testing our product family to ensure our solutions match the standards set by the security industry. Get in touch with us or use the comments box below to let us know what challenges you are facing and how we can help you overcome them.