Guest Compass

Benefit from the world’s most personal digital platform together with your guest
Without downloading an app.

We are the expert in online guest experience
We offer the tools to be relevant at the right moment.

Communication is key

Transferring information to your guests can be a time-consuming activity. However, we do need relevant and direct communication during a stay. GuestCompass connects you with your guest through an online channel that links up-to-date information and useful feedback. Online becomes personal and personal once again becomes a chat with your guest.

Mobile the way

Opening doors with a mobile phone has been around for quite a while, but from now on it is also possible without downloading the umpteenth app on your phone. Our platform allows you to provide your guest with a digital key through a secure environment, with total control over when and where to use it.

For whom?
For any location with a temporary stay where the same questions are often over and over again.


Stay in touch during their stay with use of your own name and brand. Indispensable for the online customer journey.

Holiday parks

Fast, easy and less paper. Relieve the reception, create cross-sell and offer more service.

Housing companies

All the information in one place. Presented ready-made when the student needs it.

Healthcare institutions

Especially for rehabilitation clinics; the online starting point for the customer journey of the rehabilitated and their next of kin.