We are passionate about technology and how it can help people become happier and more successful in their professional lives. Life teaches us a lot about people and that’s what inspires us to create high-impact, hard, and software solutions that have true value. That’s what we call: Technology for Life. It is our purpose and drives us in everything we do. To apply technology in a way that has a tangible positive impact on people’s professional lives requires a people-centered approach that respects people and our planet.

Your trusted partner in Access Control

At Nedap, we understand the diverse needs of modern organizations. That’s why we offer different solutions to meet your unique access control requirements. Benefit from our 46 years of dedicated experience and make access management a seamless process. Explore our product range today to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Let’s build your security ecosystem together

AEOS is a stable and secure platform, the ultimate foundation, that’s open to integrate with best-of-breed third-party solutions such as VMS, Biometrics, HR systems, and more. You and your teams can get back to focusing on your core business and boosting productivity, creativity, and performance.