Honeywell Pro-Watch® gives users control of their building security through an integrated solution of network video recording technology, access management, and cloud-connected ecosystems.

Physical mechanical keys can be both difficult and costly for organizations to manage and audit logs are non-existent. Electronic locks provide access at the touch of a button; however, they have historically required an electronic infrastructure which can be difficult in remote locations.

Thanks to integration with iLOQ, Honeywell now offers a wireless digital lock solution powered by NFC technology, eliminating the need for batteries or Wi-Fi.

iLOQ’s sustainable access-management solutions with energy-harvesting technology are ideal to protect sensitive and remote areas. These extremely rugged digital locks, which are entirely electronic, wireless, and battery-free, use the power of a Near-Field Communication (NFC)-compatible smartphone for locking and unlocking. Mobile credentials are programmed on iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform making it easy for IT and security leaders to provide and revoke access as needed remotely at the touch of a button and create a detailed audit trail. Additionally, Pro-Watch® 6.5 provides complete visibility of all iLOQ transactions via the Intelligent Command dashboard, ensuring thorough monitoring and management of security operations.