iLOQ and Chainels announce product integration partnership

Chainels – a tenant experience operating system – and ILOQ – a digital access management company – are joining forces to help landlords and building operators meet their digitization goals. 

iLOQ’s smartphone-based access management solution offers commercial and residential real estate companies keyless access to all kinds of access points – from main entrance doors to shared spaces, as well as individual units and rooms. Chainels’ operating system enables tenants and landlords to better manage their day-to-day life in buildings by, for example, allowing them to chat with people living and working in the building, reserve amenities and services, and get information about news, announcements and events in and around the building.  

The integration between Chainels and iLOQ eliminates the need to download two separate apps, or manage smartphone-based keys through separate iLOQ software. When iLOQ is integrated with Chainels, individuals can open and close doors by downloading only Chainels and use the NFC technology on their smartphone. At the same time, property management teams can manage access rights for smartphone-based keys directly through Chainels. This creates a simpler digital experience in buildings for both tenants and property teams. 

iLOQ, a digital services and software solutions company that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, supports technologies from various hardware manufacturers and offers cloud integration. iLOQ locks are opened by using the kinetic energy produced when inserting iLOQ’s digital key or by the power from an NFC-enabled smartphone. No batteries or cables are needed. This makes iLOQ a perfect integration partner to Chainels, who won the CommuniCare category of Global ESG Awards in March 2024 at MIPIM for its efforts towards creating more sustainable real estate experiences.

“Living and working in a building should be a true experience, we are crafting the ultimate ecosystem that’s not just better, but revolutionary end-to-end,” states Erwin Buckers, CEO and Co-founder, Chainels.

“The building of the future lies in the collaboration of third-party products and services that make life easier for both managers and occupants,” concludes Stefan Hoogwerf, Key Account Manager Residential, iLOQ.

Learn more about the integration here.

About iLOQ

iLOQ is a technology disruptor that has revolutionized the locking industry by replacing mechanical locking to make life limitless. Battery- and cable-free smart locks maximize security, minimize lifecycle costs and enhance the value and sustainability of properties and infrastructures. iLOQ operates in more than 55 countries with over 1,800 partner locations globally. In 2023, iLOQ had a turnover of €141,3 million and more than 320 employees.

About Chainels

Chainels is a tenant engagement and community platform which enhances communication between all stakeholders including landlords, tenants, occupiers, investors, owners, developers, operators, local authorities and public officials. Chainels accelerates growth in real estate portfolios as well as customer satisfaction by streamlining business performance through data-driven digitalisation to benefit asset value and performance. www.