iLOQ provides the locking system of the future for today’s hospital environments

iLOQ’s digital access management solutions provide users with significant added value in terms of manageability and lifecycle costs.

“Our goal is to replace mechanical locks with electromechanical and mobile-based locks and to bring intelligence to locks and keys in a customer-oriented way,” states Ville Alaluusua, Sales Director, iLOQ.

Always up-to-date and therefore secure

iLOQ S5 is the world’s first electronic locking system that generates the electrical energy it needs from the movement of inserting the key into the lock. The locks and keys work without batteries, ensuring reliable performance and making the system easy and inexpensive to maintain. 

A significant feature of the iLOQ S5 system is that all products communicate with each other before the opening decision is made. Data transfer between devices allows remote updating and sharing of information in both directions between the administration software and the NFC readers, keys and locks in the building. Access zones, time limits, a list of blocked keys and usage information are updated and quickly shared between devices before the door is unlocked. 

The iLOQ S5 system is ideal for hospitals where there are a large number of locks and users with varying access rights. 

“Now, with the growth in the healthcare industry, the number of users has increased even more. The more mechanical locks, keys and users an organization has, the more difficult it is to manage. Correspondingly, the more the benefits of a digital iLOQ solution are highlighted,” explains Ville Alaluusua. 

“With iLOQ S5, things can be managed remotely. In addition, the system’s locking system is largely self-sufficient. The iLOQ S5 system saves a considerable amount of working time compared to maintaining mechanical locks and keys. Lost keys can be quickly blocked from the system, keeping the security level constantly up to date. 

Interfaces in place

The iLOQ system integrates smoothly with other products. According to Ville Alaluusua, as a hardware and software manufacturer, iLOQ has always been open to integration and interfacing with other products. 

“There are many good examples of how iLOQ works on another platform and with other systems. It is in the customer’s interest that the iLOQ system is able to connect to other systems they have in place.” 

A solution according to your needs 

From the wide range of functionalities of iLOQ, each customer can choose the most appropriate one. The system is fully scalable to the user’s needs. The initial installation may be a single hospital building or part of a hospital building, from which the system can be extended to several buildings throughout the customer’s organization. 

“Our solutions fit seamlessly into the existing environment. The scalable iLOQ product family can cover all the access management needs of a social and healthcare organization,” explains Ville Alaluusua. 

The high customer satisfaction shows that scalability is also being exploited. Ville Alaluusua mentions that customers in the social and healthcare sector(s) are happy to expand their use of iLOQ products once they start using it. 

“Our products are well-liked, and they are proven to work reliably. iLOQ has been involved in many recent hospital new-build projects, and of course also in renovation projects.” 

Quality products that stand the test of time 

iLOQ products are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to work in harsh conditions. In hospitals, door locks are in heavy use, with thousands of openings per day. Locks need to be durable so that patient safety is not compromised – and iLOQ locks are durable. 

Ville Alaluusua explains that iLOQ solutions are environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

“Our products are battery-free, so there is no battery waste. iLOQ is an environmentally friendly choice due to its long lifecycle and at the same time being a very cost-effective solution, especially for high numbers of users and large environments.” 

Towards mobile-based access management 

Ville Alaluusua predicts that mobile-based access management will become more common in the future. 

“Our range also includes the iLOQ S50 mobile-based locks. Again, our trump card is that the locks are battery-free and cable-free. They can be operated with a mobile device acting as a key. 

“The management of mobile access can be fully automated in practice. The mobile solution is ideal for managing access rights for large numbers of users.” 

At the same time, Ville Alaluusua also notes that electromechanical lock and key combinations will also survive well into the future. They are completely fail-safe, which is an important feature in the hospital world. 

“At a time like this, special attention is being paid to emergency preparedness. Hospitals have back-up power systems for power cuts, but the self-powered iLOQ products will still work and doors will open even if the power is out and the data network is down.” 

iLOQ meets the needs of its customers in changing situations 

“We are strongly involved in the social and healthcare sector and it is an important segment for us,” states Ville Alaluusua. 

“We are in close dialogue with the industry and listen to their wishes. We develop our operations and offerings together with our customers. We make our customers’ daily lives easier by simplifying access management, reducing unnecessary work and saving costs.” 

A genuine customer focus has enabled iLOQ to grow at a fast pace, and this is set to continue. The company is headquartered in Oulu and a high percentage of its staff and operations are in Finland. 

“Internationalization supports growth. Most recently, we have been targeting the promising US market,” concludes Ville Alaluusua.