iLOQ really is out of this world!

In the autumn of 2022, we decided to take our claims of iLOQ being the most reliable access management solution in the industry to new heights. And, by new heights, we actually meant to almost 30 km above the Earth and into the stratosphere.

We attached one of our battery-free iLOQ S50 padlocks to an environmentally friendly helium-powered weather balloon and sent it on a 2-hour journey to an altitude of 26,765 m where it was exposed to a brutal temperature of -64°C. The entire project was carried out by experts in the presence of relevant authorities under supervised conditions. Air navigation and precalculated routes were verified, and all required permits were obtained. And, for good measure, we filmed the entire journey with a GoPro camera. Check it out.

iLOQ’s extreme journey to the stratosphere

The padlock was quickly retrieved when it safely returned to Earth according to our exact calculations of its route. We immediately tested its functionality with access rights sent remotely and in real time to iLOQ’s app running on an NFC-enabled smartphone. As you will see from the video, the lock opened perfectly.

Customers have the right to demand the highest levels of quality from the products they buy. At iLOQ, we aim to not only fulfill those demands, but also exceed them which is why testing, with our feet firmly on the ground, is vital at all stages in our design and manufacturing processes. You can learn more here.