iLOQ’s partnership with the NHL continues

Earlier in the year, we informed you here on our blog about our framework agreement with the North American National Hockey League (NHL). Following on from the promotion of iLOQ and our products during the 2021 Stanley Cup playoff games broadcast in Europe, the second wave of the partnership has now been fulfilled. This was the promotion of iLOQ during the NHL Global Series games that were played, for the first time ever, in the Finnish city of Tampere at the beginning of November. 

The two games between reigning NHL champions Colorado Avalanche and the Columbus Blue Jackets featured some home-grown Finnish talent on both teams, which delighted local customers that joined us at the event.

“As a pioneer and keen supporter of forerunner matters, it was important to iLOQ to be one of the partners that made these unique games possible. Visibility from the NHL, through its matches televised in Europe, will give a boost to iLOQ as we move into the US market. And we were happy to see that the NHL donated a portion of the proceeds to assist Ukrainian  refugees,” states iLOQ’s Chief Marketing Officer, Johanna Wretdal.