Living and breathing sustainability

A few years ago, digitalization was the buzzword on everyone’s lips: taking advantage of new, advanced technologies to enable, improve or transform business processes to create added value. Since its inception, iLOQ has and always will be a ‘born-digital’ company, and our battery-free solutions and smart integrations have changed the face of the locking industry forever.

Today, sustainability has become the driver of choice for employees and customers. As public awareness of the importance of taking action on climate change grows, people are increasingly looking to their employers and suppliers to act responsibly.

At iLOQ, we focus on building a unique human experience and culture. Our phenomenal team spirit stems from everyone working together with the same vision and the same goals. Sustainability is at our core and ‘360° of sustainability’ is the embodiment of our strategy. It sets the guidelines for how we perform as a company and how we, as individual members of the iLOQ Family, fulfill our roles on a daily basis.

Sustainability across the entire supply chain

Earlier this year, we published our first sustainability report which set the baseline for our current performance. Partnering with companies, such as Snowfox.AI, will give us the cold, hard facts and data we need to take the next steps to improve environmental, social and corporate governance factors, not only in our own daily operations, but across our entire supply chain and throughout the lifecycle of our solutions.

“We live and breathe sustainability. To complement this, and our digital and hybrid approach to working, we strategically and rarely meet up as a team. When the need arises, we always try to choose a location that matches our values,” states Johanna Wretdal, Chief Marketing Officer, iLOQ.

“The venue for a recent offsite meeting was chosen purely on the basis of its environmental policy. Hawkhill Cottage Resort, close to Helsinki and surrounded by the Nuuksio National Park, has been carbon neutral since 2020.”

Making the right choices

Business-critical workshops at the event were interspersed with learning how Hawkhill is doing their part to save the planet. CO2-free electricity and heating, fully electric logistics, building cottages that last over 100 years, recycling everything possible and minimizing water consumption are just some of the ways that they practice what they preach.

Hawkhill aims to inspire their guests and business partners. Guiding and teaching them so that they know what impact their actions have on the environment makes it easy for them to make the right choices. As they say, small actions and the right attitude can make a real difference.

“Every day, we are striving towards a more sustainable future by innovating the cleanest and greenest solutions and acting responsibly. And you can rest assured that we expect that same level of commitment from all our partners,” concludes Johanna.

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