Battery-free, green-locking solutions for real estate

Join the smart-locking revolution by implementing iLOQ’s digital-key-basedand keyless mobile access management solutions. They have been specifically designed to fulfill the needs of all our customers, whether they are building owners, property managers or residents.

The most sustainable solutions in the market

  • Eliminate 100,000 kg of non-recyclable battery waste every year
  • No environmental impact from maintenance-related travel
  • No need to travel to pick up and return keys or visit administration offices to update access rights

How can you increase the value and the ESG rating of your properties?

Maximize security

Ensure only the right people have access to the right places at the right times. Access rights can be created, shared, updated and cancelled remotely and in real time reducing excess administration and solving the risks associated with lost, stolen or copied keys. Access logs help prevent or solve cases of misuse or unauthorized access.

Fast and simple administration

Administration is quickly, simply and centrally handled on one cloud-based SaaS platform. Access rights are sent remotely and over the air making it the most comprehensive and easy to use on the market. Service personnel and sub-contractors can also be granted temporary access rights during certain hours or for a specific time period.

Minimize OPEX

Reduce access rights administration and eliminate and the need to re-key or change locks if keys are lost, stolen or not returned.

Enhance cost control

Reduce administration expenses, simplify budgeting processes and enjoy a fast return on investment.

Miminize lifecycle costs

No need to purchase batteries or pay for battery-related maintenance. Avoid travelling expenses related to picking up and returning keys.

Increase resident satisfaction

Residents enjoy smart and secure living environments and can conveniently move around all their access points using just one key or their smartphone.

Future-proofed solutions

iLOQ’s open API and SDK enable integration with 3rd-party systems to create better user experiences and ensure ease of use for our customers.

Minimize environmental impact

Our sustainable solutions eliminate battery and material waste and unnecessary travel to help real estate properties fulfill their ESG strategies.

Did you know?

iLOQ’s digital keys contain all the access rights residents need to move around their premises – from the front door to the door to their apartments and shared spaces such as warehouses, laundry rooms or gyms.

With our mobile solution, all access rights are sent to an app running on a resident’s or 3rd-party sub-contractor’s NFC-enabled smartphone.

Locks are opened using the kinetic energy generated by inserting the digital key into the lock or from the power generated by the smartphone.

No batteries, cables, external source of power, internet connection or WiFi are needed. Just smart, secure and sustainable access.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Watch this video to find out how housing association – Lieven de Key – optimized access for an entire student campus with a smartphone solution from iLOQ, a digital platform and the custom-designed GuestCompass app. 

Find out why SBB – the Nordic’s largest real estate company for residential and social infrastructure – chose iLOQ’s battery-free digital locking “to boost sustainability and simplify access management”.

Read more about how iLOQ brings high security and sustainability and incredibly simple access management combined with unbeatably low lifecycle costs.

iLOQ – Life made limitless

iLOQ makes life limitless by providing smart and secure access to the buildings and spaces we use daily. Our strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products fulfills the needs of the real estate sector by transforming mechanical locking into highly functional, flexible and cost-effective battery-free digital locking and mobile access sharing and management.