Plain sailing with iLOQ

Picture source: EPS

As we mentioned in our recent blog post, over the next year we will be bringing you a series of articles that show how iLOQ is taking center stage in today’s smart cities. And it’s not just, for example, residential properties or critical infrastructure sites that are our area of expertise. As we look forward to warmer weather and once again taking to the seas, we bring you a smart-locking solution at a yacht club in Southern Finland.

Founded in 1967, and with almost 1000 members, Espoon Pursiseura EPS ry (EPS) is the largest yacht club in Espoo, Finland.

In its sheltered but deep harbor, EPS provides more than 400 modern and well-equipped berths on stable concrete piers which are equipped with lights, electricity, shore power outlets, water and wireless LAN.

As well as providing ‘accommodation’ for yachts, the water sports center teaches hundreds of children every year the basics of sailing and there are also a range of versatile boating courses for adults. Many of the club’s athletes have been successful on a world-class level.

Year-round security

The peak of activity is during the summer months. But, with yacht storage facilities available during the winter, the club is active throughout the year. Providing the highest levels of security for the premises and its precious assets is therefore a prerequisite and a primary goal.

EPS considers itself to be a forerunner when it comes to providing modern and secure facilities for its members and visitors which is why they chose iLOQ’s battery-free smart-locking solution. Currently there are 92 lock cylinders and padlocks in operation and 1,250 digital keys have been programmed.

Access to the clubhouse, the activity center, the workshop and the berths is restricted to the yacht owners and those tasked with supervising the premises. Locked gates prevent anyone from gaining unauthorized access from the shore to the yachts. Members are issued with a digital iLOQ key that contains all the access rights they need to enter the premises and their berth. These access rights can be updated as needs change and keys can be blocked if they are lost or stolen to keep security levels high.

Reliable operation in all weathers

Being battery-free, there is never a risk of not being able to get access if the batteries in the locks run out and the maintenance costs for replacing batteries would be extremely high. iLOQ’s solution is robust and has been designed to operate reliably in all weather extremes. This is ideal as the lock cylinders and padlocks are at the mercy of the elements year-round – the Finnish winters are severe, and the summers can be extremely hot. iLOQ is also cable-free which is also perfect for EPS as it would be impossible to create an infrastructure for locks on the numerous pier gates if they required cables.

EPS fosters a community spirit. During the winter and summer evenings, members themselves take it in turns to oversee the premises. A commercial guard service provides an additional layer of security during the night at the height of the summer when the harbor is naturally full of yachts. Having one digital key that contains all the access rights for the entire premises makes it quick and easy for members to move around the entire area to check on the yachts.

“It’s very easy to program and issue keys using iLOQ’s software platform. If there are any updates, the changes are made centrally, and members can quickly update their key using iLOQ’s reader outside the main office. There is never any hassle or high costs if a key is lost or stolen. With the press of a few buttons the key is blocked, rendering it useless if someone finds it, and a new key can be immediately programmed. Our members feel confident that their yachts are berthed securely and that they can come and get access – day or night – whenever they want to head out into the open water,” states Juha Pennanen, Club Manager, Espoo Yacht Club.