Juli Living

Carbon-neutrality goals led Juli Living to iLOQ’s battery-free digital locking solution


Leading Nordic real estate investment and development company Nrep is working to change the way the whole industry works, thinking about housing and construction in a sustainable way for the long term. Three years ago, Nrep launched its Juli Living brand for the rental housing market. Customers can choose and rent high-quality apartments from more than 3000 available in the capital and larger cities in the Nordics directly from Juli’s online shop.

Juli Living aims to provide a smart and secure living experience for its residents. They are guided by carbon neutrality and this principle strongly influences choices they make with regard to suppliers and products.

In a bid to increase security, reduce the risks associated with physical mechanical keys and provide smooth access, Juli chose iLOQ’s battery-free digital locking solution.

With iLOQ’s solution, the power for unlocking comes from the physical motion of inserting the key into the lock. No batteries or cables are needed reducing both cost and environmental impact. Residents’ access rights for the entire property are programmed to just one key making their lives easier and movement smoother. The access rights can be updated as needs change and immediately blocked if a key is lost, stolen or simply unreturned at the end of a rental period keeping security levels high. The solution is also seamlessly integrated with Juli’s resident and reservation portals making access to shared facilities both convenient and secure.

Juli Living enhances security with iLOQ’s digital locking solution

“As a starting point for finding a new locking solution, our considerations were housing security, customer experience, technical feasibility, agility and alignment of our partner’s sustainability goals with our own. I would recommend the iLOQ S5 system to other operators. It is a versatile, modern, sustainable and secure system that is easy to implement in both existing and new properties,” states Janine Fager-Jokisalo, Product Manager, Juli Living Oy.

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