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About the customer

Munkkiniemi Cadet (Munkkiniemen Kadetti) is a historic property in the Munkkiniemi district of Helsinki, which has undergone many changes over the centuries..

About the project

During the latest renovation, the former cadet school was converted into 40 modern apartments and versatile common areas. As part of the refurbishment, it was also necessary to modernize the locking system to provide a reliable solution to serve the building’s residents and enable smooth access to common areas such as the sauna and laundry room. iLOQ’s app also allows residents to remotely unlock the front door as and when they need to.

The solution

The iLOQ system brought real estate into the digital age

The iLOQ locking system is a modern solution that has brought property management into the digital age. The system not only supports a high level of security, but also offers functions that make everyday life easier. iLOQ’s application allows, for example, to delete lost keys and order new ones.

A single key gives access to all common areas of the building – making it easier for residents to manage their daily lives and the property. Security is guaranteed thanks to the easy blocking of lost keys and door access logs, states Erkki Ikäheimo, Member of the housing company board, Munkkiniemi Cadet.

Reliable system offers convenience, security and sustainability

The iLOQ locking system has brought a new level of security and convenience to the daily lives of residents. Residents now have just one key to unlock all common areas of the building. If a key is lost, it can be quickly blocked, so there is no fear of unauthorized people entering the building.

How the everyday life of Munkkiniemi Cadet became easier

Freedom from maintenance and reliability

iLOQ enables the removal of lost keys and the rapid recycling of keys that have been returned from use. Reliable operation in all environments, even during power cuts.

Security as a priority

Property administrators can see in real time the access rights to the property, who has access to different areas and log information on the use of the areas. Misuse is reduced and security is maintained at a high level.

Lower lifecycle costs

By reducing the costs associated with replacing lost keys, locks and batteries, property managers can focus their resources on improving their core business and the resident experience.

Less key management

One key can be used to create access rights to many different spaces. Property managers can quickly respond to the access needs of residents and staff requiring temporary access.

My everyday life is streamlined by the fact that I can let guests in – whether it’s for a package being delivered or a visiting friend – through the iLOQ app. iLOQ’s environmental responsibility is also impressive. Their battery-free locks reduce waste and maintenance costs, which is not only ecological, but also economical. In addition, the access log left on the locks increases the sense of security. I warmly recommend iLOQ solutions to anyone who values convenience, security and sustainability in their daily lives.

Mervi Kallio

Resident, Munkkiniemi Cadet

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