De Key housing association

Efficient access management and integration with digital platform


Housing association – De Key – wanted to enhance efficiency when it came to key management which, with their existing mechanical locking system, was an intensive and expensive process. They found the ideal solution with iLOQ’s digital locking and mobile access sharing solutions.

iLOQ S50 cylinders have been installed in housing for international students who have a maximum contract of 1 year. With this mobile access sharing solution, no physical keys are needed. Doors are unlocked using a smartphone running an app. iLOQ S5 cylinders are used in the buildings where longer-term students or young people between the ages of 18 and 28 live. All the access rights they need in the building are programmed to one physical key. Access rights can be easily updated as residents move in and out. And they can be quickly cancelled if a key is lost, stolen or unreturned.

De Key’s journey to digitize access for 2,000 doors with iLOQ

With no ideal solution in front of them, De Key’s journey to digitize access for 2,000 doors began.

In this webinar, De Key talks about its five-year journey to move from 12,000 key transfers a year and the physical management of 14,000 keys to a digital, keyless solution with a fully automated check in.

During this webinar, they will elaborate on how the automated key process enhances communication with the user and discuss the crucial role of intensive cooperation between manufacturer, installer, software party and customer.

Besides 2,000 homes, 1,249 technical doors will also be included in the project by the end of 2022 so that the 37 partners with 412 fitters can also have digital access to the 150 properties.

Collaboration between De Key, GuestCompass and iLOQ

The GuestCompass app is the digital platform for De Key’s international students. The app contains all the information about the housing complex and about the living environment in general. By integrating the functions of iLOQ’s mobile access sharing solution into this app, the phone also acts as the key for the building and for their home. This creates an optimal online customer experience.

Issuing keys and the check-in process are fully automated using GuestCompass. This combination of functions and applications offers several advantages:

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