Lieven de Key

Digitalization of an entire student campus


In 2018, housing association – Lieven de Key – was looking for a way to enhance the efficiency of key management for over 2000 international student apartments.

The first tests were done on 156 apartments and common areas for international students. Although, it is a relatively small campus, the properties are spread out over three buildings: the oldest being 200 years and the newest just 6 months’ old. And the annual turnover of tenants is a staggering 300%. After many tests, iLOQ was selected to be rolled out throughout the entire property.

By installing iLOQ’s smart locking solution, that requires no modifications to the 2000 doors or the existing infrastructure, Lieven de Key was able to move from 12,000 key transfers a year and the physical management of 14,000 keys to a digital and keyless solution with a fully automated check in.

The digital platform used by the students is the custom-designed GuestCompass app. It contains all the information about the housing complex and the living environment in general. By integrating the functions of iLOQ’s solution into this app, the student’s smartphone also acts as the key for the building, their home and the common areas. This video gives a quick insight into the functionality of the app.

The easy-to-use software ensures full efficiency and flexibility when it comes to access management. And, as iLOQ’s solution is entirely battery- and cable free, there are no maintenance costs related to changing batteries.

By the end of 2022, the installation extended to a further 1,249 technical doors so that 71 partners with 543 fitters could also have digital access to the properties. However, the students still had one little key: the mailbox key.

In 2023, the last piece of the digital puzzle was completed. This was to update the locks on the 156 student mailboxes. The entire campus is now fully digital which maximizes security, minimizes administration and lifecycle costs and creates an optimal online customer experience.

You can read more about the case and watch a webinar explaining more about Lieven de Key’s digital journey here.

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