Responsible suppliers contribute to iLOQ’s reputation, growth and success

iLOQ operates in a demanding and regulated business environment where responsible business is paramount to maintain our reputation, growth and success. When it comes to choosing suppliers, it is vital that they share our values and fulfill our requirements for acting responsibly, ethically and legally in all situations. 

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is the minimum requirement we expect from our suppliers. Human rights and anti-corruption regulations must be respected, including the refusal to use child or forced labor. And the health and well-being of employees should be secured at all times. 

iLOQ’s Codes of Conduct and Supplier Management Collaboration Policy 

To ensure compliance with our values, we require that our suppliers follow the guidelines for ethical behavior stated in the iLOQ Code of Conduct and iLOQ Code of Conduct for Suppliers. 

The iLOQ Supplier Management Collaboration Policy plays a key role in carefully managing and developing our supplier network. Dedicated metrics within the model are constantly reviewed with our main suppliers. 

100% of our key material suppliers have either signed the iLOQ Code of Conduct for Suppliers or, alternatively, provided evidence of their own Code of Conduct compatible with our principles. 

Being ISO 27001-certified ensures that suppliers comply with our requirements regarding Information Security. 

Environmental responsibility 

Conserving the environment is a cornerstone of iLOQ’s business, and we expect our suppliers to comply with ISO 14001 or a similar internationally recognized standard. iLOQ has set a science-based target to achieve net-zero by 2050. Due to over 90% of our emissions being produced in our upstream supply chain, we require strong collaboration with our suppliers. We aim to improve our suppliers’ ability for GHG measuring to eventually help them reduce emissions. At the same time, we encourage our suppliers to comprehensively assess their environmental impacts, reduce negative ones and strengthen positive impacts. 

Open corporate culture 

Our open corporate culture ensures that we work equally for all present and potential suppliers. We do not encourage unhealthy cooperation, that could compromise the independence of the supplier, but believe in fierce, but fair, competition and do not accept any form of corruption or bribery. 

In 2023 we have carried out a Supplier ESG survey to further understand the current ESG priorities of our suppliers. We have received excellent commitment from our suppliers, which is shown in the response rate of 100%. We plan to continue evaluating our suppliers’ ESG work and give our support to develop their performance.