What kind of savings do you value?


Are your field service engineers still driving around after traditional, mechanical keys – fetching and returning them every day? Have you considered how much time and money you could save if the keys could do the ‘traveling’ over the air instead? No, this is not fiction and it’s certainly not rocket science. With iLOQ S50, your smartphone is now also a key.

iLOQ S50 brings digital access rights to decentralized and infra-critical sites that require high levels of security and/or access control. And it’s affordable enough to spread it over single sites and connect them to one entity. iLOQ S50 will soon be available almost all over the world. We are building a multi-channel model to help our customers get easy and more widespread access to the product.

Over-the-air updates

Companies have traditionally sought savings from time and investments. Today, when the world is becoming more and more digital, scalability and lifetime costs are also a large part of the business case. Smart purchasers don’t simply look at the purchase price; they look at the bigger picture and see the importance of a lower total cost of ownership, for example, over a 10- or 20-year life span.  With less on-site maintenance and a digital exchange of keys, iLOQ S50 creates huge savings and also better security thanks to access rights being managed over the air. Check our TCO calculator to see how much you can save.

Digital systems are also completely scalable; if a field engineer needs to access a different site or open a new lock on a site, the access rights are granted quickly and simply over the air to a smartphone that they already have in their pocket. Lost keys are no longer a problem – access rights can be blocked at almost zero cost with a few clicks of a mouse using iLOQ’s Manager software and updated over the air eliminating the need for expensive re-keying costs.




A sustainable solution

If the monetary values are not enough to convince decision makers, how about sustainable values?

In 2017, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the average CO2 emissions for a new passenger car sold in the EU region was 118.5 g/km. Let’s take, for example, a utility maintenance company which has 20 cars. On a daily basis, on average, they need to drive 50 km to fetch a key and another 50 km to drive back with the key. This creates 11.8 kg of pollution every day. With 220 working days in a year and 20 (new) cars, the CO2 emissions increase to 52 tons. With 20 similar firms doing the same amount of driving to take care of traditional keys, you’re looking at about 1.04 megatons of CO2 emissions annually. In addition, if we assume that the car consumes 5 liters of fuel per kilometer and one litre costs 1.3 €, then driving after the keys would create annual costs of 572,000 €. And, if we assume that the labour cost is 30 €/hour, the total annual labour cost for the 20 companies is 3.96 M€.

So, iLOQ S50 not only saves your money, but it also saves our planet.

In addition, iLOQ S50 lock cylinders do not need wiring or batteries. The power to open the lock comes from the smartphone itself. That’s an additional saving in maintenance costs that customers can put into their pockets and a significant reduction in environmental impact by eliminating battery waste.

iLOQ is also focusing more and more on services to enable easy business collaboration and lifetime value for our customers. And, as we can see already today, many things can be bought as a service too. Cars, mobility or even whole buildings with services, such as swimming halls. Locks and keys are then only a small portion but digital access rights (SaaS or ACaaS Access Control as a Service) enable new service business models for our customers. We want to make our end users’ lives more accessible, help them to save time and money, make sure we leave a better planet to our future generations and lower the friction of purchasing and using by providing also the best services together with our wide partner network.