Wrapping up our eco-friendly packaging solutions

We recently informed you about ‘Project Harmony’. Introduced at the beginning of 2022, the project has the aim of optimizing and unifying the current packaging of our products, and designing new packaging for products that currently don’t have any. The main goals of the project are to:

As a rule, we use materials made from recyclable raw materials in our packaging like cardboard postal boxes. In addition to them, we also use recycled packaging materials such as biodegradable filler materials. We have now gone one step even further by ensuring that the tape that secures our shipments also supports our vision for a greener future.

Why is paper tape better than plastic tape?

With its extra functionality and eco-friendly properties, paper tape is the greener alternative to traditional vinyl or polypropylene tape. 

Other eco-friendly choices we have made include reducing the use of plastic straps in our packaging by half. We were using four straps on each box. Now, we use two straps per box and only for those weighing more than 3 kg.

We have also adopted the use of completely plastic-free and 100% recyclable paper pockets for our mailing lists.

We will soon be able to calculate the savings in relation to costs and materials, so watch this space for more information about our holistic 360° approach to sustainability.