Camelot Europe

Innovative student housing in a digital world


Camelot Europe has a clear mission – to provide management and security services to various vacant properties. On the student scale, Camelot Europe wants to encourage young professionals and students to live in attractive urban locations that are affordable and cool.

With iLOQ’s experience in providing self-powered digital locks to student properties, Camelot Europe was ready to simplify their access management systems on their campuses in the Netherlands, with iLOQ’s help.

The outcome was transformed properties that are now capable of efficiently fostering intelligent young professionals in a digitalized world.

The Campuses

La Luna in Eindhoven and Camelot Campuses 015 in Delft and 053 in Enschede.

These student housing properties have an interesting narrative. They were developed to provide a logical living environment to single students who wanted to maximize their campus experiences while being part of an urban community.

Campus 015 in Delft  living space
movie theater
Campus La Luna in Eindhoven

Campuses La Luna015 and 053 provide furnished spaces that are highly functional and communally driven with amenities including movie theaters, games rooms, bike storages and other gathering places – these communal areas must efficiently handle a heavy flow of people and be protected from misuse.

This is where iLOQ comes in…

The Course of Action

Camelot Europe was having challenges with delegating access rights for multiple living units and setting restrictions for their heavily used communal areas. The managers also needed a durable key that if lost, was easy to blacklist and replace. This digital key needed to protect the campuses from unexpected breaches in security and excess costs from lock replacements – something mechanical keys are unable to provide.

Campus La Luna was a former office building on the technical university campus that was transformed into 441 student living spaces. Campus 015 was transformed into 289 studios – adjacent to the technical university that formerly housed the Dutch research institute TNO. The most recent addition – Campus 053 – was the transformation of building “Hogekamp” on the campus of the University of Twente (UT) in Enschede into 445 independent living spaces. Campus La Luna, 015 and 053 were all fitted with the self-powered iLOQ S10 digital access management solution.

With the iLOQ S10 digital solution, students can update their key information immediately (and independently) at a “programming hotspot,” while access rights remain secure. For the Camelot staff, these access rights are easily manageable under one software platform. Once the software is set-up and installed, operation managers can assign rights conveniently and monitor individual key activity – a great resource for identifying misuse of areas on the property.

“Camelot decided on iLOQ because of its high security for both tenants and property management,” Gert-Jan van de Sande, Project Manager for Camelot Real Estate said. “Students tend to care more for keys than access cards. A digital key allows for many more options attached to it, like reprogrammable access sharing and time restrictions for communal spaces…something old-fashioned mechanical systems just cannot do.”

With the support of the iLOQ Benelux team and partners, Camelot Europe was able to fit the properties at La Luna015 and 053 with the iLOQ S10 solution, without modifications to their existing infrastructure.

The Conclusion

Typically, students want a hip living space that’s easy to navigate and that provides a sense of security and community. Now with iLOQ’s S10 digital access solution, Camelot Campus La Luna in Eindhoven, 015 in Delft and 053 in Enschede are equipped with state-of-the-art security and innovative digital management – allowing for a mutually beneficially coexistence between staff and students. This means more resources devoted to student activities, team building and core business objectives.

The success of iLOQ’s solutions at these campuses only solidifies iLOQ’s customer-driven DNA.

While the world spins on a digitally-driven axis, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Camelot – while they bring the best of student housing management to Europe.

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