Customer satisfaction survey

iLOQ Ltd carried out a customer survey in November–December 2020. The survey was conducted by Innolink. Altogether, 2,380 of iLOQ’s retailers and end users participated in the e-mail survey.

iLOQ’s comprehensive solutions to intelligent locking and access control have a secure and professional delivery

According to the respondents, iLOQ Ltd has succeeded especially well in the performance of its sales personnel and deliveries. The most successful factors were almost the same as in 2019.

Retailers End users
Reliability and accuracy of deliveries  Reliability and accuracy of deliveries 
Service mindedness and friendliness of sales staff  

Service mindedness and friendliness of sales staff


Quality of products Professionalism and expertise of sales staff

Scale: 1=has succeeded extremely badly…. 6=has succeeded extremely well

iLOQ is highly recommended by retailers and end users

The respondents see iLOQ Ltd as a strong and reliable company and therefore feel comfortable and confident to recommend the company to others. iLOQ Ltd’s Net Promoter Scores are at very good levels. In Innolink’s comparison database, other companies’ average NPS is 37.




End users

“Thank you for using your time to respond to our survey. Your feedback is invaluable in improving and developing our products, services and customer experience,” states CEO and President Heikki Hiltunen, iLOQ Ltd.

iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a rapidly growing Finnish company that is leading the technological revolution in the digital locking industry. iLOQ transforms mechanical locks into digital and mobile access management. iLOQ solutions are based on technologies developed and patented by the company, enabling electronic and mobile locking without batteries or cables. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems with environmentally friendly solutions that solve the problems of lost or copied keys, reduce lock maintenance and minimize lifecycle costs.