iLOQ vs Global megatrends part 3: Sustainability

One key factor driving today’s businesses is the universal concern regarding sustainability and environmental performance.

In the past, acting in a sustainable manner was the domain of large corporations and a discussion topic among a smaller proportion of ‘enlightened’ consumers. Encouragingly, sustainability is no longer a novelty topic; it is a global megatrend that affects every market and customer segment and is becoming a major consideration in purchasing choices. It is pretty much universally accepted that we all have a role in safeguarding the future of our planet by behaving responsibly now.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of iLOQ’s innovations. The genius of our solutions is that they are entirely battery free. Our digital locking solutions are powered by the kinetic movement of pushing a key into the lock. While our mobile access solutions are powered by a smartphone running a mobile app. Consequently, every year, our self-powered solutions save 30,000 kg of battery waste compared to mechanical and battery-powered locking solutions. Some countries, such as France, are considering placing a total ban on the use of lithium-ion batteries within the next few years. Isn’t it reassuring to know that iLOQ is already ahead of the game?

However, we are now seeing the positive hype surrounding our solutions shift from purely the fact that they reduce battery waste to the understanding that they are probably the most sustainable locking system in the market.

Probably the most sustainable locking system in the market

How do we justify that claim? With no batteries to change, maintenance actions are minimized. This means that there are far fewer service staff out on the road, polluting the atmosphere as they visit sites to perform scheduled and ongoing maintenance.

As stated above, our mobile access solutions are powered by a smartphone running a mobile app. That same phone acts as a key. Access rights are remotely sent to the app. They can be updated immediately and as often as access rights change. This means there’s no need to travel between admin offices and sites to pick up and drop off keys – again minimizing travel-related environmental impact.

Reusing and recycling

iLOQ is also extremely conscious of its responsibilities when it comes to production of our products and their transportation.

We aim to minimize the use of natural resources and maximize the usability of our products. We favor recyclable packaging and invest in the recycling of used products. All our locks and keys are fully re-programmable, they can be returned to their factory settings and reused in another system. Lock cylinders, keys, fittings, installation materials and thumb turns can also be recycled as metal waste.

Neutralizing CO2 emissions

iLOQ manages its air and sea transport in a CO2-neutral manner in cooperation with Kuehne+Nagel.
We are able to offset emissions from our transportation through Kuehne+Nagel to verified environmental projects that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The projects are certified according to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard and comply with UN sustainable development goals and support and improve basic living conditions in developing countries.

“It’s great to see that environmental issues are in the values of more and more of our customers, and we can be involved in providing services that support our customers’ goals. We have promised that, by 2030, all the logistics services we provide will be carbon neutral. iLOQ’s decision to offset emissions from its transports supports our common goal of slowing down global warming,” states Iris Kollanus, National QSHE Manager Kuehne + Nagel from Finland.

We are also taking care of our courier and parcel transport in a CO2-neutral manner in cooperation with UPS. Through its carbon neutral program, UPS provides companies with an easy environmental solution to neutralize CO2 emissions from transportation. We are able to offset emissions from our transportation through UPS to verified environmental projects where methane is turned into biogas for heat and electricity production.

“Our customers want to ship more, with less environmental impact. To deliver what matters, we are accelerating our efforts to create more sustainable solutions, including our UPS carbon-neutral service which, since 2010, has saved more than 100,000 metric tonnes of carbon every year. Through collaboration and innovation, we can continue to move the world forward supporting our people and communities shift to a low-carbon and sustainable future,” explains Michiel van Veen, UPS’ Nordic Country Manager.

We are excited to join environmental programs which allow us to easily offset emissions and are dedicated to continuing innovating products that contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment today and for the future.