Packaging initiatives support our vision for a greener future

In 2022, we introduced several initiatives related to packaging to help fulfill our sustainability goals. At the beginning of the year, we released ‘Project Harmony’ whose aim was to optimize and unify the current packaging of our products, and to design new packaging for products that currently don’t have any. You can read more about the project here.

As a rule, we use materials made from recyclable raw materials in our packaging like cardboard postal boxes. In addition to them, we also use recycled packaging materials such as biodegradable filler materials. In 2022, we went one step even further by ensuring that the tape that secures our shipments also supports our vision for a greener future. You can read more about that here.

Creating initiatives continued also throughout 2023. For example:

We also have plans in place for 2024. For example:

We will continue to harmonize, streamline and optimize our processes and the products we use to ensure we remain the most sustainable smart-locking company in the industry.