Wold & Waard

Improving the quality of life for tenants


Wold & Waard is a housing association in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands whose 70 properties in the Westerkwartier region are geared towards low-income tenants or people with special housing needs. Wold & Waard contributes not only to the living environment but also to the quality of life of its tenants.

The association was experiencing high costs, administration inefficiency and security issues due to the fact that they were using multiple electronic locking systems which were now obsolete. The aim was to replace them all with just one iLOQ 5 Series access management solution.

With fast, secure and convenient management of locks, keys, sites and users for both the iLOQ S5 digital locking system and the iLOQ S50 smartphone-based access sharing solution on a single cloud-based SaaS platform, Wold & Waard has maximized security while minimizing administration time.  

There was no need to invest in dedicated hardware and software IT solutions and, because the entire solution is battery-free, Wold & Waard has managed to drive down lifecycle costs and eliminate the impact of battery waste on the environment.

iLOQ 5 Series has given Wold & Waard the flexibility to use digital keys, smartphone keys, fobs or even PIN codes with readers on the premises. At the moment, the digital keys are used by the residents, while the smartphone keys and fobs are used by the technical management.

Sustainability was a key requirement

The decision was made following comprehensive presentations about the benefits of the solution from iLOQ and strong support from iLOQ’s installation partner Klunder Uw Deurregisseur. Another major factor was that the battery-free solution ensures that it meets Wold & Waard’s environmental requirements.

“We chose iLOQ because the products are reliable, sustainable and digitally advanced and the software is user-friendly. The keys and cylinders are battery-free and reusable, and every property now has its own iLOQ Online readers that expand the digital locking system into a remote-controlled access management solution,” states Wold & Waard Maintenance Supervisors Willem Evers and Danny Gijsbertha.

To date, 50 of Wold & Waard properties have been equipped with iLOQ’s solution and another 20 smaller complexes with one access door have been expanded. Each location has 1 or more Online readers (with 95 in total). There are currently 200 iLOQ S5 cylinders with 3000 iLOQ S5 keys programmed, 90 iLOQ S50 cylinders with 50 mobile keys and 40 Key Fobs. More cylinders and keys will be added to the installation so that Wold & Waard will be left with just one locking system.

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