Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Simple, remotely managed access system in new buildings


The Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has learned a valuable lesson from its experience with its older buildings. A newly constructed campus building immediately opted for an iLOQ S10 digital locking system with a simple, remotely managed access system.

Within the real estate portfolio of 11 properties managed by the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, the new Pabo campus in the city of Sittard in Holland is an exception. As a rule, schools and educational institutions are secured with mechanical locking systems, supplemented with a costly access-control system.

On university campuses, employees regularly come and go causing keys to be lost. With a mechanical system, in the event of a lost key, cylinders would need to be replaced and every teacher given a new key. With iLOQ, the access rights to a lost digital key are remotely removed.

A flexible locking system is also essential in buildings where there are numerous changes, for example, when the usage of rooms alters, or when staff change their function and need access to other rooms. With a digital locking system, changes in access rights can be quickly and remotely updated to the key.

“The challenge was to stay in control of our own locking plan. With mechanical cylinders and lost keys, safety quickly became a big question mark,” explains the administrator of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Using the knowledge and experience from the previous buildings, the new building immediately opted for an iLOQ digital locking system with a simple, remotely managed access system. To date, 142 cylinders have been installed within the Pabo campus and the nearby library and 217 digital keys are in circulation.

By choosing iLOQ already in the construction phase, investment (and afterwards capital destruction) in mechanical cylinders and a costly access control system that later proves to be not safe or flexible enough is avoided. The battery- and cable-free solution also prevents additional investment and maintenance costs.

“ILOQ delivered well-functioning products that can be conveniently applied in the school environment. Key management is easy to maintain. We are very pleased with the service and after sales support. iLOQ’s battery- and cable-free solution is easy to install in existing and in new buildings. With the ability to operate the software yourself, iLOQ is a digital locking system that remains 99% in-house.”

Administrator locking plan of the Facility Services Department, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Ligne campus in Sittard, Holland.

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