Self-powered locking system

iLOQ is the only electronic locking system in the world that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion. Its programmable locks and keys can therefore operate without batteries or cables. In addition to lock cylinders for doors, the product family covers cam locks, padlocks and installation equipment. iLOQ is easy to install, as the cylinder lock can be fitted to any modern lock case without modifications.


Permanently high level of security

iLOQ S10 ensures a permanently high level of security, as both the locks and keys are fully programmable. Access rights are managed with an easy-to-use cloud-based software, where the placement of locks is displayed on a floor plan of the property. Locks and keys are updated with a programming device that uses a separate programming key for data encryption. Thanks to programmability, locks may also be installed before a renovation project and reprogrammed after its completion.


Modifiable system

iLOQ Keys are not made with unique cuts, instead, all information is programmed with secure encryption to the key’s microchip. The access rights of any key can be changed flexibly when, for instance, a new tenant moves into a property or a common facility is repurposed. Programming a new key takes just a few seconds.


Easy to expand

iLOQ enables all locks in the residential property to be electronic without any batteries or cables that usually are required for electronic systems. This makes the maintenance of the lock system simple and inexpensive. The system can be supplemented with, for example, time-controlled lock cylinders, network connected key programming hotspots and front door PIN code readers.


Four unbeatable benefits

If a key is lost, locks do not need to be changed or rekeyed.

The access rights of a lost iLOQ Key are removed from the system quickly, easily and inexpensively, without the need to change or rekey any locks. Nor is there any need to change any of the keys still in use. The property’s high level of security is retained year after year.

No unauthorised copying of keys

The heavily encrypted, digital iLOQ Key has no unique cuts that could be copied. The iLOQ Key is protected from copying not by its shape or the validity of its patent, but by a strong, varying digital encryption, similar to access control tags. The software has always up-to-date information on all programmed keys and locks.

Misuse of common area is easy to investigate

The iLOQ Cylinder logs every instance of opening or attempting to open the lock. Its access log makes it easy to investigate any misuse and helps to prevent such instances. If keys are lost, they are easily programmed out of use without the need to change locks or keys.

One key is enough

A single iLOQ Key can be programmed with all access rights, including security locks, elevator key switches and padlocks. Reusable keys can be reprogrammed any number of times.

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