Save money or act sustainably – do we still have to choose?

For decades, it’s been a commonly held notion that making changes for the sake of the planet is expensive. However, thanks to innovations across all sectors, the costs of sustainable technologies and practices have fallen dramatically.

Let’s take a look at the energy sector and, in particular, solar power. A 2017 report made by the Climate Council (Australia’s leading climate change communications organization) stated that prices for solar energy had dropped by 58 percent globally in the previous five years. They also predicted that costs would drop by a further 40 to 70 percent by 2040. That’s a staggering amount and surely a justification to switch from harmful, non-renewable fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.

How about electric cars? Those of us who drive diesels have, in the past, justified our choice with the fact that we can get further on a liter of fuel than a petrol car, thus reducing our CO2 emissions. However, studies show that diesel cars emit significantly higher levels of other air pollutants, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates. But, taking the step towards a significantly more environmentally friendly electrical vehicle has not been a small step for a man! It has been a considerably more expensive step. Thanks to Tesla, competitors are now vying for their share of the market which is driving costs down.

According to a report made in 2019 by energy consulting firm MJ Bradley & Associates, electric vehicles have become rapidly more available to consumers while their costs have sharply declined. It also projects that those trends will continue and intensify in the future.

Energy companies and vehicle manufacturers regularly make the headlines. But how about more modest industries, such as the locking industry. What are we doing to help save the planet and, at the same time, help our customers reduce their costs?

Since 2003, our goal has been to create a strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products that make life easier while reducing lifecycle costs. We have done this by taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by digitalization and focusing on developing innovative technology and software that enables electronic locking without batteries or cables.

iLOQ’s solutions are the greenest on the market. Our digital solutions are powered by the motion of inserting a key into the lock, while our mobile solutions harvest the energy for unlocking from a smartphone. Just talking about batteries alone, in 2019, iLOQ’s solutions eliminated 27,000 kg of battery waste and 7,000 kg of metal waste. Then there are the more ‘hidden’ savings. With little or no maintenance – no batteries to change – and simpler administration – remote programming of access rights, instant replacement of lost or stolen keys – travel-related costs and associated impact on the environment are minimized.

In a world of climate change, depleted resources, population growth and urbanization, isn’t it comforting to know that companies such as iLOQ have your back, and that you don’t need to choose between acting sustainably and saving costs. You really can do both.