Residential properties

Maximizing security and minimizing costs for building owners

iLOQ for residential building owners

We all know from our own homes that we can increase the value of them by keeping them well maintained, improving their functionality and making them more sustainable. At iLOQ, we focus on increasing property value for building owners by turning properties into modern, smart, sustainable and, above all else, secure living environments.

Reduce total cost of ownership

The security limitations with mechanical locking systems are easy to spot – you have no clue about the number of keys in circulation, what copies have been made and who has access to where and when. Digital locking systems overcome these issues, but, when it comes to purchasing one, it’s important to look not only at the initial price, but also the total cost of ownership (TCO). More often than not, the cheaper investment ends up being much more expensive in the long run.

With battery-powered digital locking systems, a large part of the TCO relates to changing hundreds of batteries. It’s not just the cost of the battery itself, but also the cost of the maintenance team, their travel expenses, and sometimes even fees for reprogramming the lock (depending on the technology). Batteries never run out at the same time. Their lifespan depends on many factors such as frequency of use and exposure to heat or cold. Practicing preventive maintenance by replacing batteries before they even run out of power minimizes the risk of not being able to get access but, at the same time, reduces cost efficiency.

iLOQ’s access management solutions are battery- and cable-free. With our key-based solution, the power needed to recognize access rights and open locks comes from the motion of pushing the key into the lock. With our mobile-phone-based solution, it comes from the NFC functionality of the phone itself. With no batteries to change, maintenance time and costs are slashed, and the locking solution works reliably in all weathers and even in power outages. This makes it very easy to budget/predict costs and, by eliminating over 100,000 kg of unrecyclable battery waste every year, our solutions are also great news for the environment.

With iLOQ’s solution, there is no need to travel to a property, for example, to change access rights or block a lost key. It is also possible to let apartments remotely. Tenants’ keys can be handed over or even posted to them as soon as the rental agreement has been signed. The access rights can be quickly and easily updated to the keys using readers at the property when their agreement starts.

Flexible, scalable solution

You can choose either the key-based solution, the mobile-phone-based solution or a combination of the two to create the most flexible access management system.

It is also scalable. As new premises or facilities are added, cylinders can be quickly installed (with no major adjustments to the existing infrastructure).

This turns your building into a smart, secure and sustainable living environment, raises the value of the property and gives you a competitive edge if you decide to sell it.

Highest levels of security

iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform makes it easy for property managers to keep track of who has access to where and at what times.

This maximizes the security of the premises while reducing administration time and costs. As new residents/tenants move in, keys can be quickly programmed.

If they need to access new areas or facilities in the building, their access rights can be easily updated. When they move out, their keys can be reprogrammed for the next resident. And, if they forget to return their key, it can be immediately blocked giving residents the confidence that no-one will have unauthorized access to their apartment.

Flat-specific access (not using the master key) can also be given to 3rd-party suppliers, for example, in an emergency to help keep security levels high.

Increase resident/tenant satisfaction

Thanks to iLOQ HOME, many routine tasks, normally handled by property managers, can be carried out by the residents/tenants.

This reduces costs for you, increases their satisfaction as they can do more for themselves and enhances their feeling of security. For example, they can immediately block lost or stolen keys and order new keys. There’s no need for property managers to go to the time and expense of contacting a locksmith or change any of the locks in the building to maintain security.

They can book shared services or spaces, such as the laundry or common room and add the access rights to their key using the app or an iLOQ reader in the building.
There’s no need to invest in and manage separate booking systems.

They can remotely give access to your building’s main entrance making it easier for family members, friends, or deliveries. And even grant access to their apartment at certain times, for example, for cleaners or maintenance teams. This eliminates the need for you to invest in expensive door entry/phone systems or worry about who has access to their apartment.

Integration possibilities

A huge amount of data, apps and platforms are available today. iLOQ’s fast and lightweight API creates a single larger system that functions as one to boost productivity, enhance day-to-day operations, speed up processes, increase efficiency and ensure the effective exchange of information.

This makes it easy to integrate digital systems, for example, for reservation of shared spaces/services and eliminates the need to invest in different platforms.