Residential properties

Minimizing time and costs for property managers

iLOQ for residential property

Whether you are responsible for one small building with a few apartments or many properties with thousands of residents, the challenges are still the same: How to efficiently handle day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, maximize security and maintain the general upkeep of properties while always keeping a close eye on time and costs.

At iLOQ, we give you the data, tools and know-how you need to make your role faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Flexible, scalable solution

iLOQ’s access management solutions are battery- and cable-free.

With our key-based solution, the power needed to recognize access rights and open locks comes from the motion of pushing the key into the lock. With our mobile-phone-based solution, it comes from the NFC functionality of the phone itself. With no batteries to change, maintenance time and costs are slashed and the locking solution works reliably in all weather extremes and even in power outages. And by eliminating over 100,000 kg of unrecyclable battery waste every year, our solutions are also great news for the environment.

You can choose either the key-based solution, the mobile-phone-based solution or a combination of the two to create the most flexible access management system. It is also scalable. As new premises or facilities are added, cylinders can be quickly installed (with no major adjustments to the existing infrastructure).

Quick and simple access rights administration

When it comes to managing access rights for your residents/tenants, iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform makes it easy to keep track of who has access to where and at what times.

This maximizes the security of the premises while reducing your administration time and costs. As new residents/tenants move in, keys can be quickly programmed, even at the property by the residents themselves. If they need to access new areas or facilities in the building, their access rights can be easily updated. When they move out, their keys can be reprogrammed for the next resident. And, if they forget to return their key, it can be immediately blocked giving residents the confidence that no-one will have unauthorized access to their apartment.

Taking the pressure off you

Thanks to iLOQ HOME, many more routine tasks, normally handled by property managers, can be carried out by the residents/tenants themselves, relieving the pressure on you.

For example, they can immediately block lost or stolen keys and order new keys. There’s no need for you to contact a locksmith or change any of the locks in the building to maintain security. They can book shared services or spaces, such as the laundry or common room and add the access rights to their key using the app or an iLOQ reader in the building. There’s no need to invest in and manage separate booking systems.

The app contains an updated list of important contacts in the building which prevents you from being bothered with unnecessary requests.

Maintain security during renovation work

In the past, maintaining security during renovation work has been a headache for property managers. With iLOQ’s solution, access rights can be programmed to keys and given to authorized personnel before the work starts and updated as their needs change.

PIN codes can also be programmed for readers at the main entrance of buildings to restrict access to certain times. When the work has been completed, the access rights on their key or the PIN codes are cancelled. If they have returned their key, it can be reprogrammed and reused. If they forget to return their key, it is immediately blocked, ensuring only the right people have access before, during and after renovation work and security levels remain high. Access logs and audit trails also help to prevent or solve instances of unauthorized access.