Environmental performance

Business based on sustainable technology

iLOQ technology and product solutions have been designed with sustainable lifecycle performance in mind. Putting sustainability at the forefront of our business creates growth and value for ourselves, our partners, and our customers.

With reusable keys and recyclable locks, our products are environmentally friendly. And, since our digital solution utilizes kinetic energy to operate instead of needing batteries, we cut down on the use of unrecyclable material. This energy-harvesting technology also requires minimal wiring simplifying installation, operation, and maintenance. And, thanks to these reduced maintenance requirements, carbon emissions related to on-site service visits are significantly lowered.

Our cloud-based solution with fully reprogrammable keys or mobile access is designed to minimize environmental impact during manufacturing, delivery, installation, use and even at the end of their service life. Our R&D continues to seek out areas where design, manufacturing methods or material selections can further be enhanced to improve environmental performance.

Leading the industry by example

Environmental considerations are at the forefront of iLOQ’s business. iLOQ is committed to sustainability and responsible practices across all its operations.

We have invested in the development of digital tools for sustainability monitoring and reporting. Our new monitoring software solution provides us with real-time data on the environmental performance of both our own and our suppliers’ daily operations. We compensate CO2 emissions resulting from component and product transportation.

Sustainability is also always at the core of our innovation and design approach. Our circular business model ensures that no innovations will make it to commercial production without meeting environmental performance targets. Sustainability communications are also high on our list of priorities in sales and marketing.

“If it’s not proven sustainable, we won’t bring it to the market.”

Supporting positive change across the value chain

It is part of iLOQ’s central role in the value chain to drive positive change.

Developing smart greenhouse gas (GHG) and reporting practices is important to get a full picture of overall sustainability. Even small improvements across the board help improve the sustainable performance of our solutions over their lifecycle while minimizing the environmental effects of our operations.

We engage with our partners and help create and implement responsible stakeholder practices, for example, through asking our suppliers to sign a code of conduct agreement committing to sustainable development.

A holistic 360° approach also means looking closely at the logistics operations across the entire supply chain. iLOQ compensates all CO2 emissions resulting from road transport. We also aim to minimize air freight and the stockpiling of components whenever possible for sustainability reasons.