Social responsibility

Equality and inclusion in the workplace

International growth is making iLOQ a richer and more diverse workplace. We pride ourselves on our personnel management and in creating an inclusive and safe workspace for all our staff. Different perspectives are valued at all levels of the company, and our mutual experience is strengthened.

Through digital tools, open communications, and internal campaigns we make sure that our staff and partners are on board concerning our equality and inclusion goals. And we make it easy for employees to voice any concerns and ensure they are addressed promptly.

To ensure our social responsibility, we monitor and address all related factors such as labor conditions and human rights. We expect our partners to conform to the same high standards, and audit partners across our supply chain regularly to ensure best practices.

Focusing on well-being and safety

At iLOQ we operate a value-based corporate culture. We take our responsibilities towards the people working for iLOQ and our partner companies very seriously. All issues related to discrimination, work safety, and well-being are always addressed rapidly.

We pride ourselves on being a workplace where employees are appreciated and celebrated. We rank high in employee satisfaction surveys every year and have received the “Future Workplaces” certification for creating exceptionally positive employee experiences.

Our focus on sustainability and environmental performance is something that we continue to reinforce in the workplace and on an individual level. We want to continuously build our knowledge and capabilities regarding sustainability matters. Our people are, and will continue to be, our strongest and most valuable asset.

We also expect our partners to adhere to the highest standards regarding human rights and equality. We give preferential treatment to suppliers and sales channel partners who perform better in these respects.

Commitment to developing sustainability capabilities

We are constantly working to forward our sustainability goals and improve our performance. To improve our resources in this regard and build on our methods and knowledge, we are engaging in several projects leading up to 2025.

  • To continuously improve stakeholder practices to achieve expected ESG results
  • To develop sustainability capabilities and understanding across the supply chain
  • To put green values at the core of R&D and business development
  • To develop reporting capabilities, making our sustainability practices more data-driven
  • To give sustainability a bigger role in communications