Smart living for

Student housing

Investing in real estate can bring significant added value. iLOQ’s smart-locking solutions help to maintain the overall value of the property and of its individual apartments.

Benefits for the building owners

We focus on increasing property value for building owners by using smart-locking technology to turn properties into modern, smart, sustainable and, above all else, secure living environments.

Battery- and maintenance-free smart locks slash lifecycle costs and ensure a fast return on investment. iLOQ’s smart-locking solution is flexible and scalable. As new premises or facilities are added, locks can be quickly installed with no changes to the doors or major adjustments to the existing infrastructure needed.

With an enhanced user experience, thanks to iLOQ’s innovative and constantly evolving app, resident satisfaction will increase and so will occupancy, and you’ll have a competitive edge if you decide to sell the property.

Benefits for the locking system administrators

Efficiently handling day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, maximizing security and maintaining the general upkeep of properties while always keeping a close eye on time and costs can be a challenge. Our smart-locking technology gives you the data, tools and know-how to make your role faster, easier and more cost-effective.

iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform makes it easy to keep track of who has access to where and at what times. This maximizes the security of the premises while reducing administration time and costs. As new residents/tenants move in, access rights can be quickly programmed and shared. If they need to access new areas or facilities in the building, they can be easily updated. When they move out, their access rights are immediately cancelled giving residents the confidence that no-one will have unauthorized access to their apartment. Temporary access rights can also be shared with 3rd-party service providers, for example, for maintenance purposes.

And, with no batteries to change and no cables or WiFi needed, you’ll eliminate maintenance time and costs and can be confident of reliable access (even in a power outage).

Benefits for the residents

Living in a safe and secure environment is a basic human need. At iLOQ, we provide smart-locking technology that creates a secure, smooth and seamless experience as you move around your building.

You no longer have to carry around several keys or worry what happens if one is lost or stolen. One smart key or your smartphone are the only keys you need. The access rights for all the places you need to access in the building are programmed to your smart key or sent to iLOQ’s app running on your smartphone. They can be quickly and easily updated as your needs change. And the app is not only a key; it also offers powerful additional functionality to optimize access and maximize your user experience. Similar to a universal remote control, and with a customizable user interface, you can, for example, share access rights, open doors remotely and book shared spaces.

You have the power to do more yourself and when you want – there’s no need to wait for action, for example, from property managers.

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