iLOQ delivers smart access management to VodafoneZiggo

iLOQ’s battery-free and keyless smart-locking solution has been chosen to enhance access management for VodafoneZiggo.

iLOQ, an innovative player in digital access management solutions, is to provide telecommunications and entertainment service provider, VodafoneZiggo, with its battery-free and keyless smart-locking solution.

The mechanical locks on VodafoneZiggo’s telecom cabinets can be quickly and easily replaced with iLOQ’s battery-free cylinders without making any changes to the existing infrastructure. Access rights can be managed remotely leading to time and resource savings. In addition, the solution gives VodafoneZiggo an advanced level of control over who has access to the cabinets.

The collaboration between VodafoneZiggo and iLOQ illustrates a shared commitment to innovation and strengthening security in the telecom sector and fulfills VodafoneZiggo’s ambition of making the management of numerous access points and mobile sites more efficient.

About iLOQ

iLOQ is a technology disruptor that has revolutionized the locking industry by replacing mechanical locking to make life limitless. Battery- and cable-free smart locks maximize security, minimize lifecycle costs and enhance the value and sustainability of properties and infrastructures. iLOQ operates in more than 55 countries with over 1,800 partner locations globally. In 2023, iLOQ had a turnover of €141,3 million and more than 320 employees.