iLOQ S10

Battery-free digital locking powered with the push of a key

The patented iLOQ battery-free, self-powered lock cylinder is compatible with modern European, Finnish and Scandinavian lock bodies and can be fitted to any new or existing door, padlock or cam lock without modifications. Locks can be installed as soon as doors are ready. In renovation projects, locks can be installed on site before the work has begun, simplifying operations and removing the need for large key bunches.

Benefits of the system

Self-powered locking

The cylinder contains a generator. The power needed for granting access rights is generated by the motion of inserting the key into the lock. No batteries are needed.

Data between the lock cylinder and the key’s microchip is transmitted with strong encryption. When access is granted, the lock cylinder’s latch is released and the lock can be opened by turning the key. When the key is removed from the cylinder, the lock closes again.

All iLOQ S10 locking cylinders and keys are programmable. They can be reused and securely reprogrammed according to any changes in access rights, making the system easy to expand according to requirements.

Fast and secure access rights

Access rights are easily controlled using iLOQ Manager software. Administrators can view up-to-date information on the keys, locks and access rights within the system to ensure the highest level of security at all times.

Upgrade to an access management system

iLOQ S10 can be expanded to offer remotely controlled access management. iLOQ S10 Online allows you to add remote-controlled lock cylinders, RFID and PIN-code readers or time-controlled electronic doors, and handle the administration from one single system.

Key holders can be granted easy access by showing their key at pre-set times of the day or locks can be programmed to open for a specific time period. All access events are stored in the cloud for future reference.

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