At the core of the iLOQ S10 system is a patented, self-powered lock cylinder. The cylinder contains a generator, which produces the power needed for authenticating access rights from the key insertion. Data between the lock cylinder and the key’s microchip is transferred with strong encryption. When an access right is granted, the lock cylinder’s latch is released and the lock can be opened by turning the key. Once the key is removed from the lock base, the latch closes again.

In addition to the door lock cylinders, the product family include keys, cam locks, key readers, padlocks and installation equipment. Lock cylinders are provided both in oval and euro profile models.

The self-powered iLOQ S10 locking system can be expanded to a remotely controlled iLOQ S10 Online access management system. The extension allows you to add remote controlled lock cylinders, RFID and PIN-code readers and time-controlled electronic doors to the same system. iLOQ S10 Online allows easy access for doors with high traffic, with the possibility to enter by showing the key to the reader or by using a code at pre-set times. Electronic locks can be programmed to open at specific times of the day. All access events from the digital locks and readers are stored for future reference. This information can be easily viewed when needed, to investigate various access rights matters.

The entire system is administered easily and cost-efficiently using cloud-based iLOQ S10 Manager software. The software’s access rights are authenticated by both personal login information and the iLOQ Token programming key. Administration of the locking system is effortless, since the user has a real-time view (inside the software) of the access rights, access codes, keys, locks and readers placed in the floor plans of the property. Programming a new key, tailoring access rights or blacklisting a lost key is managed quickly and hassle-free. The system allows for direct printing of documentation – related to the handover/return of keys, locking diagrams and floor plans showing the placements of locks. The same Manager software can be used to administer the iLOQ S50 digital locking products, making the whole iLOQ product family compatible and reliable.

Benefits of the system

Easy management of master-key lock systems

The self-powered iLOQ S10 represents a new generation of locking systems. The iLOQ S10 replaces old-fashioned mechanical master-key locking systems that are reliant on external power sources, such as batteries, with an all-digital and battery-free solution. The system’s strong encryption ensures flexible and secure access rights management – especially in master-key lock systems that require a high level of security. Aimed at residential, education, healthcare and public properties, our product family covers door locks, padlocks, cam locks, as well as all necessary fittings and installation equipment. The iLOQ S10 can also be expanded to a remotely-controlled access management system with iLOQ S10 Online products.

Up-to-date access rights

All iLOQ S10 locking cylinders and keys are programmable. The management of access rights is clearly consolidated with the iLOQ Manager software, where all users can view up-to-date information on the keys, locks and access rights within the locking system. The iLOQ S10 system is not restricted by master-key lock systems. For example, a key may be programmed as a master key, but its access rights are immediately removed if the key is reported as lost. Reprogramming the lock cylinder is done either with a key or with a handheld programming unit. The system can also be remotely-controlled via a web-based iLOQ Net bridge and a “key programming hotspot” installed on the property.

Easy to install and maintain

The iLOQ S10 is compatible with modern, European, Finnish and Scandinavian lock bodies and requires no modifications to the existing door. Locks may be installed as soon as doors are ready. In renovation projects, locks can be installed on site before the work has begun, simplifying operations and removing the need for large key bunches. Maintenance of the system is cost-efficient, as locks and keys operate without batteries or cables.

Tested and approved by security organizations

Our product family is under constant development and testing in order to ensure that our operations meet the highest standards set by the security industry. Approvals given to iLOQ by independent organizations in the security sector are important indicators that prove safety lies in our solutions.

We cooperate with leading specialists in the security sector. A current list of approvals can be found in the Company section.


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