Núñez i Navarro

Technological and sustainable housing


We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Núñez i Navarro, a leading real estate developer in Catalonia. With its commitment to offer its clients the best technological and sustainable solutions, Núñez i Navarro has decided to use iLOQ’s S50 technology in its new rental housing development in Bretón de los Herreros Street in Barcelona.

iLOQ’s S50 technology is an advanced and sustainable solution for property access management that offers a high level of security while eliminating the need for maintenance, as there are no batteries to replace. By incorporating this technology into its homes, the developer is at the forefront of the real estate industry, providing a technological and sustainable solution that, in turn, offers customers greater peace of mind and security.

iLOQ’s S50 cylinders use the energy generated by the NFC of users’ cell phones to activate the lock’s opening and closing system, ensuring that the user will be able to always access their properties, regardless of factors such as a power supply or batteries and without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, iLOQ’s S50 technology offers a high level of security, as only the system manager can generate, program and send keys (remotely) to users in a secure and controlled manner, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to properties. By choosing iLOQ’s S50 technology, and working in cooperation with iLOQ partner Metalisteria Larrosa, Núñez i Navarro is demonstrating its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and security.

Watch this video to see how this solution is transforming the homes in this new development into more secure, efficient, and technological places.

Technological and sustainable housing in the heart of Gràcia, Barcelona

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