Schlüsselleser UP R10S.3.3

Für Unterputzmontage

Der iLOQ Schlüsselleser besteht aus einem Schlüsselleser A10.42 und einer Relaiskarte.

Stromversorgung 12…24 VDC

Entwickelt zur Bedienung von Aufzügen, Eingangstüren, und Alarmeinrichtungen, die iLOQ Schlüssel verwenden.

Vorteile und Funktionen

  • Secured using powerful challenge response authentication (SHA-1)
  • Programmed using the iLOQ P10S Programmer
  • iLOQ 2-wire interface for online connection for remote programming
  • Blocklist for individual lost keys
  • Access group list for key accesses (access rights)
  • Pre-blocklisting of lost key by a key
  • Event log »Time stamp with optional real time clock
  • Communication interface for iLOQ Key Reader
  • Place for real time clock (A00.9)
  • External input for controlling conditional access right by potential free contact information
  • 2 potential free relay outputs (K1 and K2) for controlling external device
  • 3 digital outputs for LED-indication for surface mounted Key Readers A10.56.1/2/4
  • RS232 bus for relay extension module » 8 outputs (A00.11) » 16 outputs (A00.12)
  • 2 potential free push button inputs for activating K1 and K2 relays
  • Cylinder interface for activating relay K2 instead of the Key Reader
  • Relay Card can be installed to a safe place » A10.83 enclosure available as an accessory