Fulfilled security needs, sustainably


Clever is a leading Danish electric mobility operator that provides electric vehicles, an extensive network of fast charging stations, financing services, operation, and investments in renewable energy. Their mission is to create a strong synergy between environmental concerns and mobility by promoting electric vehicles and ensuring that they are charged intelligently.

In the past, Clever’s charging stations were secured using mechanical locks and keys. This meant a large number of physical keys were in circulation which was a high security risk. It was also difficult to maintain the sites efficiently when it was unclear who could access which sites and when. With technicians, maintenance staff and IT teams all having different access needs, Head of projects, Christian Brinch, was keen to find a way to ensure secure access while minimizing complex administration and fulfilling the company’s commitment towards choosing the most sustainable solutions.

Clever made the decision to invest in the iLOQ 5 Series access management platform. This battery-free and keyless solution features iLOQ S50 cylinders and grade 3 padlocks. All the cylinders and padlocks can be opened using the power from an NFC-enabled smartphone.

iLOQ S50 cylinders in the swing handles on doors give technicians fast access to the internal part of the chargers. The power supply areas are equipped with iLOQ’s grade 3 padlocks. IT teams also need access to different areas of the sites at designated times. Access rights to the various cylinders and padlocks are sent in real time and remotely to iLOQ’s app running on the NFC-enabled smartphone. They can be updated and cancelled quickly and easily as needs change.

Fast, secure and convenient management of cylinders, padlocks, access rights, sites and users takes place on a single cloud-based SaaS platform with a user-friendly graphical user interface. There was no need for Clever to invest in dedicated hardware and software IT solutions.

“iLOQ provides a clear and well-defined solution that fulfills our security needs, in a more environmentally friendly manner. At the same time iLOQ’s solution makes it more easy to continue our journey in developing a charging infrastructure for many years and accelerating the green transition of the Danish transport sector. There are no batteries, no maintenance and access rights can be handled from the office or the field. And it is very easy to see at a glance who has accessed which sites and when,” concluded Christian Brinch, Head of projects, Clever.

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