Protecting residential properties with electronic locking solutions


iLOQ digital locks have many advantages. For example, secure access management is ensured with a single key, entry and exit authorizations can be flexibly granted and removed, and much more. For all these reasons, many companies and institutions choose and rely on iLOQ locks. This has been the case with LOCARE and its NIDUM developments, which have installed iLOQ S5 electronic cylinders in their new rental housing developments in Madrid.

Rafael Juan Cervo, LOCARE and NIDUM’s Operations Manager, explains that they chose this system because it is an electronic master key solution with a single key that cannot be copied and can be easily and simply reprogrammed. This makes it much easier to grant tenants access rights to common areas and, of course, to their own homes and storage rooms.

In addition, handing over and collecting keys is also much simpler, because there is just a single key to the property per tenant, with access to the main entrance, the storage room, the parking space and other common areas.

Rafael Juan Cervo adds that they opted for the iLOQ system because „it doesn’t need batteries or any other power source and this makes it easier for us because we don’t have to worry about changing anything.“ He also adds that „the end customer is amazed when he sees it and thinks that this system is a great help.“ In fact, it benefits both parties, „it is an added value we deliver to the customer.“

For residential rental areas, the installation of iLOQ digital locks has additional advantages. For example, in the event of a tenant leaving the property without handing back their key, that is not a problem, because the rights are removed and granted to new tenants without having to change the cylinders and keys for security purposes, as is the case with conventional mechanical locking systems.

„We decided to change traditional locks for digital ones because we were accumulating a lot of keys. It was brutal. We have a portfolio of almost 3000 homes that will increase to 8000 and storage was very complex. It is much easier this way; we only have a single key with the required rights.“

LOCARE and NIDUM chose this system because, as the Operations Manager noted, „it has no competition and is light-years ahead of any other“.

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