Residents control service providers’ access rights


BO-VEST is a pure management company that currently manages the following public housing companies: Albertslund Boligselskab, Vridsløselille Andelsboligforening, Tranemosegård and Bo-Vita. The company manages 15,000 homes in the Danish suburbs of Brøndby, Albertslund, Ishøj, Greve and Copenhagen.

As an administrative organization, it is Bo-Vest’s task to serve resident democracy and solve tasks such as letting, renovation and construction, engineering and operation as well as provide advice on the environment and energy.

BO-VEST is focused on renovating the local housing stock in order to give large residential areas a boost and provide attractive homes for young people, families and the elderly. One such area is Galgebakken – a development of 552 dense low-rise townhouse buildings containing 689 residential tenancies, managed by BO-VEST, that belongs to the Vridsløselille Andelsboligforening housing association. The installation of a new locking solution was part of Galgebakken’s extensive renovation program.

“Technical Sales Manager, Rasmus Leisvig, participated in a meeting to present iLOQ’s digital locking solution to the residents. After demonstrating how iLOQ’s solution could help make everyday life easier and safer for the residents, the project was adopted by a large majority at the meeting,” states Kenneth Skåning Fuglsang, Property manager, BO-VEST.

Safety, privacy and well-being of the community

The board of the residents’ committee and the housing company’s staff focus on maximizing the safety, privacy and well-being of the community. One of the prerequisites of the new locking system was that ‘service access’ to the properties by the caretakers or property manager would only be given with the resident’s active consent.

“iLOQ fulfilled this requirement by providing an option to program locks with conditional access rights; in this case, with a unique on/off button. On the inside, the locks are equipped with a ‘do not disturb button’. Residents can choose whether to give access to the caretaker or property manager. It is a simple solution that does not require electricity or batteries and is at the same time easy for the resident to operate,” continues Mr Fuglsang.

The renovation project will be rolled out over five years and iLOQ’s installation includes around 1000 iLOQ S5 locks and cylinders that are installed on entrance doors and for all common areas. More than 2600 iLOQ S5 keys will be programmed, and their access rights can be quickly and easily updated from six Online readers around the premises. “iLOQ has been extremely helpful during the entire purchasing and implementation process of the new locks and keys in the digital locking system in relation to the phased delivery of the newly renovated homes. We have been very satisfied,” concludes Mr Fuglsang.

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